Our fifth wheel and the truck

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey all.

Well this is a bit different. Not only is it only Friday evening and I am putting up a post but the whole look of the blog has changed. Don't go getting too excited. No nothing very interesting or exciting has occurred at all. In fact quite the opposite in fact. The weather has been so revolting that we haven't really made any excursions until today.

It seems that the world is upside down with its weather at the moment. Giant snowstorms throughout the northern states, snow in Dallas, Texas, freezing temperatures and rain in Summerdale, Alabama (currently home)and huge cyclones in Queensland.

It is of course the weather which has resulted in the change to the blog. When all else fails muck around with the computer!!

I will be back on Sunday (yeah right I hear you say) with a detailed report of the scintillating events of this week.

Take care and health and happiness to all.

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