Our fifth wheel and the truck

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Following On

Wow it is sooooo long since I posted on the blog. We ended our holiday in New Zealand which was really difficult and somewhat of a let down really. The Grand Canyon is a really hard act to follow.

We spent nine days on the North Island of New Zealand and visited the Bay of Isles, Rotorua and Coromandel. The Bay of Isles was spectacular and we were fortunate that, although it was cold and a bit wet, the weather held out and didn't impact on our getting out and about. The North Island was gorgeous and being winter was so green and lush.

From there we made our way down to Rotorua which is renowned for its thermal springs and mud and geysers (reminded me of Yellowstone). We experienced a wonderful evening of Maori culture and Norm was fortunate (?) enough to be chosen as the "Tribal Chief". There are some disadvantages to being outspoken!!!! He had a great time and looked like he enjoyed doing the Haka.

After Rotorua we drove on to Coromandel. I would not have wanted to drive the truck and fifth wheel to Coromandel. The very narrow road winds (really windy) its way around the coast line and at times is reduced to one lane. Coromandel is beautiful and we spent a couple of days there before we had to make our way back to Auckland for our flight home.

We had a very uneventful flight home and were greeted by the family at the airport. It was wonderful to be home however, being away for a year meant investing time and energy into returning the house to some semblance of my home. With the very long, hot, dry summer the garden had suffered horribly and had to be redone. Many of the plants had died so they had to be dug up and new ones planted.

We have now been home nearly six months and things are back to normal (if there is a normal with Norm around!!!!). We are spending time enjoying family and friends and catching up with everyone. I have gone off to do some cooking and quilting courses.

The good news is that Norm and I will be heading off to Hawaii on 22nd February so this here blog will be up and active again. We will be spending three days in Honolulu and then heading off on a seven day cruise around the four islands. Then a couple more days in Honolulu then back to Perth.

AND THEN!! on 15th May we fly back to America!! Can't wait!!! The plan is to fly to LA then on to Phoenix to pick up the fifth wheel. We will be spending a day or two in Phoenix to restock the RV and get it ready for our trip. We are meeting up with friends in Dawson Creek in British Columbia, Canada and will then start a three month trip up through Canada into Alaska! Woo Hoo! And then, depending on how long our visa is stamped for, we will head to either Quebec for a while or to New England for the fall. Not sure yet.

It is going to be wonderful to be back in the States and with friends again. It won't be long and we will be getting ourselves organised.

My love and hugs to all and our best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

Take care of you and yours dear friends.


  1. Hello Pam,
    Glad you are on "air" again. We look forward to following your travels once again. It was by coincidence that we met that day at "Carol's" in Midland when I connected you to the blog that I had been following on your US trip. We are headed to Canada mid July as we will be driving along the Alaska Highway with 96 old restored military vehicles. Our trek of 4 weeks starts in Dawson Creek on 4 August 2012. Perhaps our paths will cross (we would be hard to miss - our vehicle is the Blitz radio van with the kangaroo over the boomerang insignia on the back. I have created a blog for our trip but there is not much to write about at this stage. I tried messaging you on Fb but there was no email address available.
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    1. Hi Sandy, so glad you found me. I hope you can keep up with the blog. I will be most interested to read of your travels. We are currently in Fort Nelson about 280 miles from Dawson Creek or Mile 0 Marker.
      Take care