Our fifth wheel and the truck

Friday, March 12, 2010

Abrupt halt!!

We have really come to an abrupt halt with the plans. Not for any particular reason just that we have booked our first week and a half and really can't go any further for the moment.

After picking up and decking out the 5th wheeler we are thinking of heading over to Amish country in Pennsylvania before heading to the 'boot camp' in Goshen, Indiana. I really want to have a look around Amish country - their way of life fascinates me - not that I could do what they do - just really interesting.

The 'boot camp' is five days of learning all the processes of having and driving a 5th wheeler. It will also give us an opportunity to meet other full time rv'ers.

After the boot camp we have to high tail it over to Seattle for our cruise. It will mean driving about eight hours a day for five days. There won't be much time for sightseeing on that leg of the journey but given that we have eighteen months, what is five days??? LOL

I asked Norm to get the suitcases down the other day and after he finished laughing he said NO. Very disappointing!!

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