Our fifth wheel and the truck

Friday, June 1, 2012

Magnificent Mammoth Lake - what a stunning place!!

Another riveting and enthralling episode in the adventures of us!

Our friends Mike and Mo are working at Crystal Crag Lodge up on Mammoth Lakes and we are looking forward to catching up with them. I have been following Mike’s blog and have had quite a few laughs at some of the predicaments that they have found themselves in.  We caught up with them for dinner on our first night and laughed the whole evening.

The next day, Rick, Karen, Norm and I took off for a day of sightseeing. We went up to the lodge to see where Mike and Mo are working and were absolutely blown away by the most amazing scenery! Talk about a slice of heaven here on earth. The waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, snow capped mountains and pine covered slopes were unbelievable.

I find I take a photo and then look away at something else and then look back and am so moved I need to take another photo. Needless to say, I take way too many, so thank goodness for digital cameras! It is impossible to take lousy photos when you have such stunning scenery.

Mike and Mo joined us all for dinner and we had so much fun. It was difficult to say our goodbyes so we agreed to try to cross paths somewhere later in our travels.

The next day was a really long day with about 330miles to get us from Mammoth Lakes, up through Reno, Nevada and then back into California to Dunnigan. Now that was an interesting RV park! Quite a few permanent residents that had a very interesting vocabulary that we listened to rather late in the evening! They did quiet down and we were able to get a decent night’s sleep in the end.

Our next two overnight stops took us up into Oregon which is just the most stunning countryside. It is just beautiful with wooded hills, lots of rivers and farming country. I think I could live in Oregon but then again I say that about so many of the places we visit. This country is just so diverse!

I don’t know if I have commented before but this country has sooooo much water. There are lakes, rivers and streams everywhere! I guess when you have so much water, conservation isn’t really necessary. I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have come across dual flush toilets. Just saying!!!!!

Our next stop is Seattle at one of our favourite RV Parks and catching up with more wonderful friends Kelli and Don and their St Bernard’s Greta and Faith and Kane who is a guide dog in training.

For those of you who are new to our blog Kelli and Don came to our rescue when we in need of somewhere to leave the rv and truck when we took our cruise to Alaska in 2010.

We had made friends with a couple, Mary and Bruce from Wisconsin, and while we were visiting them I was searching on the internet for a park or somewhere to leave the rig while on the cruise.

Unbeknown to me Mary sent an email to, Sandra, her sister-in-law in Seattle, asking if she knew anyone with room for an rv. Sandra then sent the email to everyone in the Guide Dogs for the Blind group in which she was involved and Kelli and Don put their hand up. They looked after the rv and took us to the cruise ship and then picked us up on our return. Such wonderful people! They made us so welcome and we really appreciate everything they have done for us but especially, their friendship. We were so looking forward to caching up with them again.

Here endeth this episode in the life and times of the real GRAY nomads! Be healthy, be loved and above all be happy. Love and hugs from us.


  1. We love Mammoth and go to nearby June Lake twice a year. The fishing is great in those lakes. Hope you get to see June Lake Loop, Mono Lake and the Bishop area.

  2. Judee, we did see June Lake it is just gorgeous and I would love to try the fishing but as always we just seem to run out of time.