Our fifth wheel and the truck

Friday, June 1, 2012

We’re baaacckkkk!!!!!! Another Beginning.

It could be good or it could be your worst nightmare!!! The Aussies are back in the US!!! We left Perth on Monday evening, 14th May and flew to LA via Auckland NZ. In fact, we left Auckland at 9.30pm Tuesday 15th and arrived in LA at 2.00pm on Tuesday 15th!! Just love that International Date Line. We had a 14 hour layover in Auckland so had spent the time sleeping at a motel and then spent the night in LA before heading to Phoenix early on 16th. Our arrival in Phoenix was very special because we were met at the airport by our friends Rick and Karen. They had a lovely sign welcoming us back which was terrific. They took us straight out to the RV storage facility where we had to pick up the truck and fiver. The staff and facilities at Coyote Pass RV Storage in El Mirage are fantastic and we can certainly recommend them if anyone is looking for storage. The good part was that Doug, our rescuer in Phoenix when we had the trouble just before leaving last time, had done all the right things and the truck started first time and the fiver was in excellent condition. We then took the fiver to a dealership to get the wheel bearings repacked while we had a delightful lunch with Karen and Rick back at their campground. It was so wonderful to be able to catch up with the last year over lunch. We have so much fun with these guys. Karen and I ducked down to the shops so I could pick up a few essentials for the fridge and pantry although before we leave on Saturday an extended and very serious trip to the supermarket is on the agenda. Obviously before we left last time we emptied the fridge and pantry so it all has to be restocked - long shopping list being developed. Thursday, Norm and I spent the day unpacking all the clothes and ‘stuff’ we had put in storage in the fiver and unpacking the suitcases and putting everything back in its rightful place. Needless to say an early night was on the cards! Friday was to be our last day in Phoenix so Karen and I headed off to the supermarket for some serious shopping. We had a really good giggle as we were heading back to the campground. Karen and I were loading the shopping into the truck as a lady, a bit older than us we think, came up to Karen and very politely asked her, “Have either of you two ladies ever had a colonoscopy?” Of course I am just about having an apoplectic fit while Karen is very politely telling her that it isn’t that bad and she shouldn’t be looking after the children as she may have to get to the ‘potty’ in a bit of a rush in the preparation! We really cracked up in the truck on the way home! Early Saturday morning Norm and I got up and started going through our pack up routine. We are a bit out of practice and had to check very carefully that we were doing everything in the right order and doing it correctly. A small hiccup with attaching the truck to the fiver was very quickly rectified and no problems. I must admit though it did take us a bit longer than usual but I am sure we will become more efficient as we go along. Our journey today isn’t too long as we head up I17 towards Flagstaff and then connect with I40 to get us to Bullhead City which is still in Arizona. We will only be staying overnight and we may use the afternoon to do some domestic chores that have to be done. (Boring!!!!!) We spent a hot night in Bullhead City and then left early the next morning for Inyokern in California. Another hot night and so looking forward to the cooler weather forecast in Mammoth Lakes. More to come as we move north. See you somewhere in the great outdoors or they say here - see ya on the road! Take care and be kind to you.

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