Our fifth wheel and the truck

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Week Four

Our last day in Leadville we decided to take it easy. We have met a lovely couple (Mary and Bruce) from Wisconsin who are also on holiday. The four of us took the Leadville train for a scenic tour of the mountains. It was really lovely - sunshine but not too hot - at least not when you are 10000feet above sea level. Mary and Bruce are heading to Colorado Springs tomorrow and we will be heading up to Loveland which is about 24miles from the Rocky Mountain National Park (which is where M & B have just been!) Next blog still in Colorado!

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  1. Hi Paula & Norm hows it going? Sounds like your having a great time! SOOO jealous!!
    You both look so small against your Truck!!!!
    Now that Ive found your blog will have to follow you! Enjoy yourselves & ill send you another message soon!!
    Luv Kirsty xoxo