Our fifth wheel and the truck

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week Three

Monday and we were headed for Texas. The plan was to ‘boondock’ (dry camping - no electricity, water or sewer connections) at a Flying J Truck Stop for Monday night then an RV park on Tuesday night, arriving in Livingston TX on Wednesday.

Well we stopped at the Flying J and when the temperature still hadn’t cooled off by 10.00pm we decided to keep driving. Other people at the truck stop were trying to sleep in their cars with the air con on to stay cool. We tried to sleep in the RV however even with having a cold shower it was impossible to sleep.

We drove on into the night but then got stopped at an accident site around midnight. We were stopped on an interstate for about an hour while the emergency crews dealt with it all. The good thing was that we were able to turn off the car, put the windows down a bit and catch some zzzz.

We stopped at an RV park in Tennessee on the Tuesday night and arrived as planned in Livingston on Wednesday. We unhitched the RV and grabbed our paperwork for the vehicles and went into the Tax Office which is where we have to license them. There was only one small hiccup in that they would only accept a cheque or cash - not credit cards. Anyway we raced over the road to the bank, withdrew the $3600.00, raced back and left there with the registration plates for both vehicles. The postal service couldn’t have done it any quicker!

We spent the next couple of days in Livingston - did the chores and went out to Lake Livingston one day. There is nothing in Australia (that I am aware of) to compare with the size of the lakes in the US. We were impressed with the Great Lakes last time we were here but even Lake Livingston puts the lakes in Australia in the shade. It is humungous!

We did go shopping in Livingston and bought my birthday present - woo hoo I can now do some quilting. Norm bought me a Janome Jem Platinum which is a really neat little machine.
I also bought some fabric (I have a stash now!!!) for a quilt and for some placemats.

It has been so hot in Livingston and in Texas generally we decided to drive to Colorado so Saturday morning we headed out for Colorado. It was going to take about three days driving through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

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  1. Hi, you two wanders. It rained here last night,had a puddle of water for two hours,is that an Aussie lake ??
    Well done Norm the girls say janome Jem is the best machine for on road use. Can the fifth take an extra trailer on behind for the material stash which is going to grow. (LOL).
    Love,Huggs and Kiss's to you both.
    Tess and Pete.