Our fifth wheel and the truck

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week Four

At last!

Finally we have done all necessary to get on with our holiday. Monday saw us arrive at the Mountaindale RV Park just out of Colorado Springs. Norm insisted on going out to dinner which was really nice so we went to Applebees. It is a chain of restaurants (like HJs Red Rooster etc) that are all exactly the same buildings, menu etc but have a menu that is better than going to HJs or Kentucky Fried You are seated and table service is provided and the food is really nice. I had ribs - I love the way they do ribs over here.

Tuesday we went to Pike’s Peak by cog railway. The top of the Peak is 14110 ft above sea level. On a clear day you can actually see the curve of the earth. It is possible to see into New Mexico to the south. Just the most amazing country. We also wandered around Manitou Springs which is a small town at the foot of the Peak.

Wednesday we went to visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, the Garden of the Gods and Helen Hunt Falls. The Cliff Dwellings were built by the Native Americans and were amazing. To think that they were built unbelievable.

The superlatives run out when you try to describe the Garden of the Gods. It is awe inspiring! You think you have seen it all and then you go around another bend in the road and a more spectacular scene presents itself..

The drive to the Falls was an experience in itself. A bit scary in fact - very narrow, winding road which would be okay in a small car but with the truck it was a bit of a white knuckle ride for both of us. The climb up to the top of the Helen Hunt Falls was very challenging. Only 500yards but with a 200foot increase in altitude. Certainly had me sucking for some air but we both made it. Beautiful spot to sit and contemplate life. So peaceful sitting in the forest, in a crevice between two huge mountains.

We had been told that we HAD to see Royal Gorge in Canon City so Thursday we drove over there. Again I run out of superlatives. The Gorge has a suspension bridge built over a gorge through which the Arkansas River runs at the bottom. There is a cable car, a funicular, a petting zoo, and other entertainment. The cable car is the longest one in the world and I hat to think how deep the Gorge is but looking down can make you a bit woozy. We went down to the river in the funicular which was just amazing. From the top the river looks pretty tame with the rafters and canoeists drifting along but when you get down to the river you have to reassess that view!. We had a magic day.

Tomorrow we are heading further into Colorado to Leadville. We are going to use this as our base to visit Aspen and other areas.

Aspen is gorgeous! The superlatives just don't do this state justice. To be surrounded by mountains with a valley floor with wildflowers and rivers running through it is something out of a movie. (Don't know which one but must have been one somewhere.)

We took the scenic route from Leadville to Aspen or should I say the white knuckle route. We went through Independance Pass which is the highest pass in the Rockies. Can't remember how high but I think it was something like 11000feet above sea level.

We took the gondola to the top of the mountain which was just beautiful and also visited the John Denver Memorial.
I convinced Norm to take the long way around to get back to Leadville. I would have been on the outside of the road trying not to look down if we had come back via Independance Pass. No thank you - being up against the rock wall of the mountain most of the time was stressful enough especially when you see a sign which tells you that the road narrows and there is another car coming towards you. It was so narrow Norm even put the side mirrors in!


  1. It's a tough life being retired isn't it ??
    We voted yesterday and a Black Ford 250 was sitting in the park bay, so understand the size of your vehicle now. Big baby aint she !!! Must be good to have a lot of water there so you can wash her Norm (Eh,eh)
    Love to you both, Pete

  2. It is pretty big Pete but so easy to drive except perhaps the turning circle!!!! LOL