Our fifth wheel and the truck

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week nine

And I thought this would be a fairly mundane week with nothing but driving! What I didn’t figure was the countryside that we would be driving through.

On Sunday morning we reluctantly left Mary & Bruce in Wisconsin to start our trek across to Seattle. A journey through seven states and about 2000 miles.

Sunday we drove about 400 miles, 616 miles on Monday and Tuesday we covered 656 miles. Tired? You bet! I was exhausted!

Sunday we drove through Wisconsin and into Minnesota. WI is the dairy state and all around us were green paddocks and rolling hills with lots of cows. Minnesota is the state with 10,000 lakes and is really beautiful as you drive you see why it has been given this description. Sunday night we stayed at the R & R RV Park in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Monday we drove through SD and it was amazing what two weeks had done to the landscape. On our way over to Indiana the sunflowers were all standing upright facing the sun. It was like a sea of yellow. On our return the sunflowers were all standing with their heads bent looking so dejected. SD from I90 is fairly flat until you get close to Rapid City and the Black Hills make their appearance. We reached Wyoming and the landscape changed again. WY had a dry flat landscape except when you drive around a bend in the road and there in front of you is a beautiful, green valley. We boon docked somewhere in WY - I was too tired to remember!

Tuesday was another long day but as we left WY and reached Montana it was just amazing. MT was one of my favourite places on our previous trip in 2007. I just love the valleys, the mountains and the rivers. Just one of the most amazing landscapes. We reached Idaho and I was disappointed to see that there was not a potato in sight!! Interstate 90 winds its way through north Idaho through the Bitteroot Mountain Range. It is spectacular and we will have to go there again as I would love to have stopped to take in some of the scenery. We kept driving and reached Washington state before it got too dark. WA was the real surprise of the journey. I had always envisaged WA to be mountains and green trees and lush growth. Wow was I way off! Western WA is wheat growing country and is reasonably flat and dry. I was blown away by the giant sprinkler systems that are used to water the wheat. Tuesday night we stayed at a lovely RV Park in Moses Lake, WA - the only problem was that it was right next to the Interstate and the noise of the traffic was really loud.

I was hoping to spend a couple of nights in Moses Lake but with the noise of the Interstate, Norm decided that we would push on about 130 miles which would put us close to Seattle.

So on Wednesday we moved on through WA to Lake Sawyer where we stayed for two nights. I finally found the WA state that I had pictured. Ginormous lakes, mountains, fir trees and lush undergrowth! Just my sort of country!

Today (Friday) we packed up (once again) and drove about 25 miles down to Seattle where we have arranged with friends of friends to leave the rig at their home while we are on the cruise. Kelli and Don have kindly offered to drive us to the pier as well as picking us up when we get back.

Norm did an amazing job of getting the rig into the space. It was really squeezy! I will make sure I take some photos just to prove he can reverse the rig! No more pull thrus for him!

Tomorrow we start our cruise so until next week bye and hugs from us.


  1. Waaaa! I can't wait a whole week to hear what you guys are up to. What am I going to do.

    I just know you will give up the rough life of camping after being spoiled and pampered on that posh cruise ship. I know what they do to you. I've been there you know. I tried to smuggle my cabin boy home home afterall! And food, good grief the food!5 Stars every day. No, they Aussies will be giving up the pampered life, I'm sure.

    Have fun
    Karen & Rick

  2. Oops! I meant to say "No,the Aussies will be giving up the ROUGH life, I'm sure."
    Don't forget us.

    Karen & Rick

  3. Could never forget you guys Karen! Hugs!