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Monday, September 13, 2010

Week seven

Week Seven

Welcome back!

Monday and I finally got to cut out all the pieces for the quilt I am making for the fiver. Norm spent a constructive time washing down the fiver and Bruce got the lawn mown (huge lawn - split between a push mower and a ride on) and then sat on the front verandah watching Norm!!! We had a quiet day which was much appreciated by yours truly.

Back to the saga of the connection for the barbeque on Tuesday morning. Well, as you can guess, when Mary and I got to Camping World we were informed that it hadn’t arrived and they expected in on Wednesday morning. Needless to say we weren’t impressed! And neither was Norm as he had already hooked the fiver and truck ready to leave. As it was far too windy to be driving the fiver anywhere, Mary and I decided some retail therapy was in order!! Norm was left at the house watching some TV as Bruce was already back at work.

On Wednesday we left for Bass Lake in Indiana. Well that was the destination when we left. We had planned a route that would see us avoid all contact with Chicago. Apparently Chicago is a nightmare to drive through!

Along the way our plans changed and we ended up in South Bend, Indiana not far from Elkhart and Goshen. We were getting some warranty work done on the fiver in Elkhart on Friday . So Thursday was spent doing boring stuff that has to be done no matter where you are.

This whole week was a bit on the tame side really - no amazing sites at all. But we are really looking forward to the ‘boot camp’ in Goshen. Hopefully we will meet up with some of the folks we have meet on the forum and especially the Class of 2010.

We arrived in Goshen on Saturday and were taken to our “back in” site! Yeah right!! Norm’s reversing skills with the fiver are not that flash yet so we pleaded for assistance and the parking people took pity on us and got us to drive straight in to the bay. The poor people behind us had to wait till we were in before they were asked to back in behind us. They were probably better at reversing than we are just yet!

Next morning we were up early. I wanted to finish making the cauliflower pickles I had started (only because I couldn’t find them anywhere and I like my piccalilli!!) Norm is a bit worried, he thinks he will be eating piccalilli every day for the rest of our stay. I made 13 x 1 pint jars! (Can’t translate to metric for the Aussies)

Next job, head off to the welcome ceremony and see if we can locate some members of the Class of 2010. We finally found one couple and then walked over the Fairgrounds in search of others. We are all spread out all over the Fairground. There is somewhere in the vicinity of 800 RV’s at the Escapade! So it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Week seven - a slower pace but very enjoyable. After all the running around we have done it will be a pleasure to spend a week in one place. Week eight here in Goshen then at the end of the week a cross country run ( >2000miles) to get to Seattle for our cruise to Alaska.

Bye all and take care of you and yours.

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  1. "we pleaded for assistance and the parking people took pity"

    Good on ya Norm, glad you didn't let them know that you were so experienced after all the 3 and 20 point turns. You were just buggered after the long trip so far. :)