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Monday, September 13, 2010

Week Six

Okay, so now we are on our way to Goshen for the Escapade on September 11th. Just a nice leisurely trip - if that is possible with Norm at the wheel? Just kidding.

We left Custer and headed east. Along the way we were going to visit the Badlands but unfortunately there was a severe weather report and as we traveled it was coming up behind us very quickly. We got caught in a bit of rain along the way but decided that our best bet was to get to our next stop in Mitchell before the worst of it hit. It was just as well because at about 7.00pm there was a tornado warning in Mitchell. It appeared to just pass to the North of us but was pretty awesome. The rain pelted down and the wind, thunder and lightning were brilliant. We sat in the fiver with all the blinds up just watching it.

Tuesday saw us still in Mitchell as Norm wanted to get the first service on the truck done before we moved on. And of course I had housewife duties to perform, namely the laundry! We met a really nice young couple and hope to catch up with them through the winter when we are in the southern states away from the snow.

Wednesday we took off again to make it to the Eagle Cliff Campground in Lanesboro, Minnesota for a two night stop over. Lanesboro was the most beautiful little town. Really picturesque with beautiful homes and lots of character. Thursday was a bit rainy and cold so we stayed around the campground and only went out for dinner.

Friday morning it was pack up again and point ourselves in an easterly direction heading for Wisconsin to stay with Mary and Bruce who we met in Leadville. It was a long weekend so the plan was to stay with them for a few days and then on Tuesday to go to Bass Lake in Indiana for four days before the Escapade. You all know about the best laid plans of mice and men!!!!

We had an excellent time with Mary and Bruce. We arrived on Friday evening much to Bruce’s surprise. Because we were so late I think he had given up on us! We went out for dinner with some other friends of M & B, Margaret and David. Dined at the Grumpy Troll in Mt Horeb. One of Mt Horeb’s claims to fame is the many trolls that dot the area. When the government put the interstate highway around Mt Horeb instead of through the town businesses came up with a tourist attraction that would draw visitors to the town - hence the many troll statues.

Saturday we went to Camping World where Norm finally bought a barbeque!!! Woo Hoo! But don’t get too excited - yes we have the barbeque but unfortunately the connection for the barbeque to the fiver wasn’t available. Finally got the young sales assistant to order one so it would arrive Tuesday morning, we would pick it up then and head off to Goshen! Haha - another plan gone awry!

After Camping World we went to Madison to visit the ‘Taste of Madison’ festival. Around the town square (?) all the local restaurants were serving food so patrons could sample their menu for a small price ($1 -$4). All proceeds went to charity. Norm and I sampled a ‘Corn Dog’ (Hot dog covered with corn meal and deep fried) and while we were reliably informed that restaurant corn dogs are better (So say Mary and Bruce!), we were not that fussed about them. We also sampled deep fried cheese curds and while Norm turned up his nose (cheese AGAIN) I thought they were great except as Norm said he could feel his arteries hardening just looking at them! We finished off our visit with cream puffs - really yummy. Norm didn't turn up his nose to cream puffs!

Sunday we stayed at Mary and Bruce’s home and had a lovely lunch with the whole family. Sons Hans and Tom and Han’s wife Emily. We had our first taste of Bruce’s famous Brat sausages. They are boiled in beer for a short time and then put on the grill (Aussies read barbeque for grill). Sound horrible? They were great really!

That evening we went to Margaret and Dave’s for a bonfire. Dave thought it was time he got rid of the Christmas trees from 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 which had been waiting to be burned off! Mary took a jaffle iron and made cherry and blueberry pies on the bonfire. I had marshmallow and blueberries in mine - made an awful mess but tasted really scrummy! Norm also discovered that dark brown ale doesn’t cause hangovers!!!!! Need I say more!

Another brilliant week over - at this rate it will take us more than a year to see all the places we want to visit .. Oh well such is life…….

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  1. Yumm Stout "dark brown ale", what is it called over there?