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Monday, February 15, 2010

B***** Red Tape

Yesterday I started the process of applying for a 6 month visitors visa to the US. It is not easy to say the least. One has to provide evidence of sufficient money to keep them for the entire holiday and evidence that you intend to come back to Aust. Trying to figure out what constitutes evidence that you intend to come back is difficult and trying to get an answer from anyone is a b***** nightmare.
Finally got in touch with a guy who has already done what we are going to do and he told me to take our rates notice for Gidge. Owning property indicates to them that you have ties here and are not going to try to stay in the US and try to get a Green Card.
Today Norm and I went and had our photos taken for the visa application (ugly like passport photos!) and tonight I got all the stuff together for our interview on Thursday! All I need to get now are some bank statements. It really is happening!!

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