Our fifth wheel and the truck

Friday, February 26, 2010

The visas and the tickets.

The visas were delivered on FRIDAY! Can you believe how easy it was? And we got a five year visa which means we can come and go as often as we like to the US.

Well we went to the Travel Expo, paid our $10ea to get in and the first booth we came to was the STA Travel one. We sat down and booked our tickets! That easy - we have tickets that are valid for our return for 18 months - the mind bogles! We have also arranged for a stop over in Auckland on the way back - if we are not too exhausted and eager to get home. Paid for the tickets on Sunday and got the e-tickets on Monday. There is going to be no stopping us now.

Next job is to arrange the first few days in Los Angeles and Houston and to book the Alaska Cruise for September. That is the job for this weekend.

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