Our fifth wheel and the truck

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Travel Expo

Yesterday (February 13th) we went to a travel expo to investigate our possibilities. We looked into insurance, airfares and the Alaska cruise. We think we will be leaving around 21st July going to Los Angeles. From LA we will fly down to Houston and buy the F250 truck and the 5th wheeler. From there we will head to Livingston in Polk County, Texas to get our driver's license and set up our residency.
From there we think we will be heading off out west and up the west coast states to get to Seattle about 1st September.
We may be going to take a seven day cruise up to Alaska and return. It is all so exciting, can hardly wait.
We thought we would have to wait till September to leave but it looks like we will be able to go much earlier. Woo Hoo - the start of an amazing retirement.
We will be going to another travel expo next weekend so we will have more than enough information to make final decisions.


  1. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, thats all I can say. It's the 14th February 2010. HEHEHE.